We offer the following genetics programs and services:

  • Familial Cancer Program: If you may have inherited a cancer condition, you can be seen by a certified genetic counselor and medical oncologist for diagnosis, genetic counseling, and genetic testing when appropriate.
  • Genetic Counseling Clinic: If you have a known genetic condition or a family history of a known genetic condition, and have questions about genetic testing and inheritance, you can be evaluated in our genetic counseling clinic.
  • Medical Genetics: Provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations, clinical management and genetic counseling for children and adults who have a genetic condition or who are suspected to have a genetic condition.
  • Neurometabolism Program: If you have a metabolic disorder or medical condition thought to result from inherited disorders of normal metabolism, you can be seen in the Neurometabolism Program for diagnostic and treatment services.
  • Reproductive Genetics: Provides a specialized team that offers genetic counseling and testing for women who are at increased risk for having babies with birth defects.