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Read the article 'AFib’s on the rise. A new approach may help treat it.'

AFib’s on the rise. A new approach may help treat it.

Pulsed Field Ablation is a new way to treat a condition that is becoming increasingly common in the United States. Here’s what you need to know about AFib and how to address it.

Read the article 'Challenges and treatment for the growing number of ASD diagnoses'

Challenges and treatment for the growing number of ASD diagnoses

Being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) does not always translate into children getting the specific support they need, warns developmental and behavioral pediatrician, Nina Sand-Loud, MD. Find out how to get the right treatment for your child.


DHMC/MHMH recognized as one of 23 best hospitals and in the top 1% of institutions for gastroenterology research in 2024 by Avant-Garde Health.

Julianne Mann, MD, recipient of 2024 Quality Improvement Innovations Award from the American Academy of Dermatology, speaking at AAD conference.

Dartmouth Health CEO and President, Joanne Conroy, MD, speaks at AHA Accelerating Health Equity Conference for community and population health.

IAC Echocardiography recognizes DHMC's Heart and Vascular Department for 25 years of excellence in offering quality patient care.

DHMC becomes the first hospital in Northern New England to offer a new and advanced robotic surgery platform to treat head and neck cancers.

Nursing awardees: Kimberly Birney, Neurology; Kristen McCarthy, OB-GYN; Sean Hobson, Director Research Ops, NCCC; Christi Ann Hayes, Hematology.

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