Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

At Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health (D-HH), we understand that diversity fosters innovation and creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for our patients, colleagues, and communities. We all work better when we interact with others in a respectful and open-hearted manner.

We also understand that to appreciate individualities, nurture differences, and to cultivate and maintain a respectful work environment takes ongoing commitment and effort.

How D-HH is cultivating a respectful work environment

  1. We are developing a policy on employee expression of support for civil rights.
  2. We have established a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force dedicated to evaluating how well the D-HH system is fulfilling its stated commitment to "building and maintaining a healing patient care community that explicitly recognizes the value of human diversity."
  3. We are developing consistent system-wide patient and family non-discrimination policy which outlines the standards of behavior that recognizes the rich spectrum of human diversity.
  4. As a key member of the Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN), we are one of 38 health care systems nationwide who have signed HAN's Racism is a Public Health Crisis, and are working actively to support community health needs during COVID-19 and beyond.

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

The Task Force is comprised of a dedicated and inclusive group of individuals from each D-HH member organization. Each individual has volunteered their time and talent to move forward with this critical work at D-HH.

The Task Force is committed to the following:

  • A critical evaluation of how well the D-HH system is fulfilling its stated commitment to all under-represented minorities, but especially black, indigenous, and people of color, by assessing patient and employee perceptions of diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging at D-HH member organizations.
  • Establishing a baseline understanding of current efforts that are currently under way across the system to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at D-HH member organizations.

Based on the findings of this work, the Task Force will:

  • Prepare a list of specific, time-bound recommendations.
  • Present actions and recommendations to the D-HH system leadership.
  • Ensure the enactment of actions and recommendations endorsed by the D-HH system leadership.

As the Task Force continues its work, an email has been established to allow all members of the D-HH community to share suggestions about how to make D-HH a more diverse and inclusive organization: belonging@hitchcock.org.