Scott Wakefield: My HOBSCOTCH journey

Scott Wakefield, HOBSCOTCH particpant

The HOBSCOTCH program helped me to learn new skills in a measured way.

Scott Wakefield, HOBSCOTCH participant

I developed epilepsy at 48 years old. It was certainly life changing! In addition to seizures, my memory and cognitive skills evaporated. I wanted to use every tool that was available to minimize challenges related to my epilepsy.

My neurologist recommended trying HOBSCOTCH. This was great advice! The HOBSCOTCH program helped me to learn new skills in a measured way and being held accountable for implementing them from week to week was a good fit for me.

One of the strongest aspects of HOBSCOTCH is the opportunity to work one-on-one with a trained Cognitive Coach. My HOBSCOTCH Coach was patient and provided me with positive encouragement. This enabled me to look at my memory challenges as something that I could improve upon by using the HOBSCOTCH program tools and the new skills I was building working with my Coach. The cognitive skills I learned gave me a better sense of control of my memory and thinking from day to day. Months after completing the program, I continue to use HOBSCOTCH skills and regularly remind myself how different solutions and strategies I learned during my 8 weeks in the program can be very useful on a daily basis in specific real-life situations.