Primary Care

Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics Bedford Primary Care move

Bedford Primary Care patients, please note that we have temporarily moved from Bedford to Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics Manchester, 100 Hitchcock Way, Manchester, effective September 11, 2023.

Our primary care departments provide accessible, comprehensive, and compassionate care for you and your family.

Learn more about our primary care options:

In case of a life-threatening emergency

Call 911, or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room for immediate medical attention.

What is primary care?

Our primary care practices offer comprehensive health care services, including:

Need to be seen quickly for a minor illness?

Dartmouth Health's Virtual Urgent Care at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center gives you 24/7 access to a doctor to discuss minor illnesses, from colds and sinus infections to allergies and more, all from the comfort of your home.

Please note: Dartmouth Health's Virtual Urgent Care is not available to Medicare and Medicaid patients at this time.

  • Preventive medicine to keep you at your healthiest
  • Chronic disease management to help keep your chronic condition—such as high blood pressure or diabetes—under control
  • Urgent care to take care of you right away when you're feeling ill

Primary care providers are trained to be the point of first contact for most non-emergency health care needs. Our primary care departments aim to serve as your medical home.

About medical home

Medical home is a model of care that promotes close partnerships and coordination of care between you, other health providers, and physicians. In this model, your care is administered by a physician-led team that provides for your health needs and coordinates treatment across the health care system.

The medical home team takes a proactive approach to work with you to achieve the best possible health outcomes. An emphasis on wellness, prevention, health screenings, and other strategies allows you to take greater responsibility for maintaining your health.

New Hampshire vaccine registry

The New Hampshire Immunization Information System (NHIIS) is a web-based system that maintains vaccination information for people of all ages in a confidential and secure manner.

It allows you to access your own vaccine information and ensures your clinical team has access to your correct information regardless of where you received your vaccine.

At your next primary care appointment, we will:

  • Provide you with more information about the vaccine registry
  • Discuss your participation in the registry