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Weight & Wellness Center

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Weight & Wellness Center brings together experts trained in the management of obesity to address weight and related conditions for patients of all ages and to promote healthy lifestyles.

We partner closely with you and your family to develop a tailored approach that meets your particular needs, lifestyle challenges, and health and wellness goals. We also work to identify both underlying causes of obesity and adverse health consequences of obesity.

Follow Pam’s journey to wellness with Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Weight & Wellness Center

Pam's Journey

Follow Pam's journey to wellness with Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Weight & Wellness Center. In this video, Pam describes her challenges with her weight and her commitment to getting healthier.

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An introduction to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Weight & Wellness Center

Learn more about the Weight & Wellness Center from Dr. Richard Rothstein, Medical Director, Weight & Wellness Center.

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