Bariatric Surgery Program Team

Program leadership

Our teams by location

Bariatric Surgery Program staff

Concord and Manchester

Coordinators and schedulers

  • Shari Plourde, Program Coordinator
  • Susan Wiggin, Surgical Scheduler


  • Sarah Luce, RN, Certified Bariatric Nurse
  • Jenna Noone, RN
  • Alyssa Planty, RN
  • Catherine Harrison, RN
  • Kathy Severson, RN

Registered dietitians

  • Elizabeth Boucher, RD, LD
  • Nicole Castonguay, RD, LD

Medical assistants

  • Leila Melkic, CMA
  • Kelly Depietro, CMA
  • Amy Murphy, CMA



  • Darcy Smith, Insurance Coordinator
  • Kristin L. Slack, Administrative Coordinator/Bariatric Coordinator

Registered dietitians

  • Jennifer Letendre, MS, RD, LD/Bariatric Coordinator

Members of the staff of Weight and Wellness Center are an integrated part of the Bariatric Surgery Program and may see you for nursing, mental health, or social work appointments.