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Blood Donor Program

Donate blood and the Blood Donor Program will donate a book to CHaD Life

The Blood Donor Program is a community-based blood center within Dartmouth-Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH. Donating blood is a safe, hassle-free and enriching experience. Your donations help treat patients in our community that require blood transfusions during surgery, after an accident, or because they have a disease that requires blood support.

There are many different ways to donate lifesaving blood products, including whole blood, platelet, and plasma automated donations. We need donors on a constant basis. You can earn rewards, support local businesses, and save lives, with your donation.

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Give a Child Another Chapter frequently asked questions

What is Give a Child another Chapter?

Every time you come in to donate blood, platelets or plasma at the Blood Donor Program and reference CHaD, the Blood Donor Program will purchase a book from the Norwich Bookstore and donate it to CHaD Life.

Why did the Blood Donor Program choose to support CHaD with books?

Books help kids have a bit of normalcy during their stay at the hospital, which is one of CHaD’s main goals. Books also encourage developmentally appropriate activities that children would be participating in at home, or school. CHaD also uses books to create a diversion for children who are in pain or discomfort, for rewards after procedures, or as gifts for birthdays.

Why the Norwich Bookstore?

The Blood Donor Program is dedicated to local sustainability. The Norwich Bookstore is a locally-owned, independent business that is focused on providing the community with expert service and diverse products, and has been fulfilling this mission for the last 24-years! This is an amazing way to provide children with access to books, save lives in our local communities and support a local business!

How are the books going to be distributed?

The CHaD Life program will distribute the donated books at the end of January to all pediatric areas within Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, including play areas, outpatient clinics, Molly’s Place Reach Out and Read Program, inpatient birthdays, waiting areas, and more!

What types of books are going to be donated?

The program will donate a wide variety of books, including picture books, participation, poetry, folk-tale and fables, alphabet, nursery rhymes, informational, counting, patterned concepts, storybooks, fiction, nonfiction, along with chapter books for young children and teens.

How do I participate?

Donate blood, platelets or plasma at the Blood Donor Program between January 2 and January 31, 2019, and reference CHaD when you register.

What if I am deferred when I come in to donate?

The Blood Donor Program is thankful every time you walk in the door and attempt to donate. So, if you attempt to donate and are deferred, a book will still be donated to CHaD.

How do I make an appointment to donate?

Make an appointment to donate at, or call (603) 653-3775.

Who can donate?

To donate you should be healthy, weigh at least 110 pouds and be between the ages of 17 and 75. After the age of 75, you can donate with a doctor’s note.

How many times can I donate?

You can donate whole blood every eight weeks, platelets every two weeks, and plasma every four weeks.

Program hours

We are open weekdays. Appointments are appreciated and walk-ins are welcome as availability allows.

  • Monday through Thursday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Friday, 7:00 to 9:00 am

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Find us on Level 2 - Faulkner Building (PDF) or read our detailed directions.

Giving Made Easy with HemaConnect

HemaConnect, a web-based system, allows donors to:

  • Self-schedule a donation at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center's Blood Donor Program
  • View their donation history and total number of donations
  • Access their past vitals from November 2010 to present
  • Earn Donor rewards to redeem at local businesses

Create your online account at Don’t know your donor ID? That’s okay, call us at 603-653-3775 and we can help.

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