Breast Health and Imaging Team

We work closely with the Norris Cotton Cancer Care Pavilion Lebanon's Comprehensive Breast Cancer team.

Breast Health and Imaging providers

Breast Health and Imaging staff

Lebanon, New Hampshire

Breast Center Administrator

  • Jean M. Bolger, BS, RD, RN


  • Brooke A. Harrington, RT(R)(M)
  • Julie A. Jones-Roberts, RT(R)(M)
  • Jennifer L. Kagan, RT(R)(M)
  • Sandra J. Kitchen, RT(R)(M)
  • Michelle L. Lang, RT(R)(M)
  • Terri L. Lorandeau, RT(R)(M) (Educational Coordinator)
  • Janine R. Stammers, RT(R)(M)(CT)(BS)
  • Barbara A. Van Houten, RT(R)(M)
  • Joyce B. Wagner, RT(R)(M)
  • Yvette M. Walker, RT(R)(M)

Clinical Coordinators

  • Valerie J. Michaud
  • Karen L. Minske

Manchester, New Hampshire


  • Suzanne Auger, RT(R)(M)
  • Stacie Blanchette, RT(R)(M)
  • Kelly Dupuis, RT (R) (M)
  • Kimberly Fifield, RT(R)(M)
  • Janet Gilbert, RT(R)(M)
  • Carolyn Laine, RT(R)(M)
  • Donna Lockhart, RT(R)(M)
  • Robin Muller, RT(R)(M)

Nashua, New Hampshire

Breast Imaging Coordinator

  • Elizabeth H. Hilton, CMA


  • Susan Babka, RT(R)(M)
  • Michelle L. Lambert, RT(R)(M)
  • Julie F. McEvoy, RT(R)(M)(CT)
  • Darlene Ramsdell, RT(R)(M)(CT)

Technologists are registered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (RT). Their credentials identify their additional areas of certification: (R) = Radiography; (M) = Mammography; (CT) = Computed Tomography.