Headache Center Treatments and Services

Common headache conditions are those associated with aching, deep drilling, or pounding pain in or around the head region.

To learn more about the most common types of headaches, please refer to the articles listed below, which take you to our Healthwise® Health Encyclopedia website:

  • Headaches come in different types. Learn about the different kinds of headaches and get tips on how to treat and prevent them.
  • Cluster headaches are associated with brief, around the eye pain that occurs in cycles.
  • Migraine headaches are associated with severe, one-sided pain that may cause nausea.
  • Tension headaches are associated with milder, more diffuse pain and no nausea.

Standard procedures or tests that we may perform in order to diagnose the cause of your headache properly are:

Once a proper diagnosis has been achieved, the proper treatment will be prescribed. Common treatments include:

  • Drug treatments
  • Nondrug treatments
  • Botulinum toxin therapy
  • Nerve blocks and trigger point therapy