D-Hconnect Frequently Asked Questions

This website contains a good overview of D-Hconnect. You also have access to D-Hconnect training when you log in to the D-Hconnect Citrix portal at dhapps.hitchcock.org.

Account Information

How do I get a D-Hconnect account?

To become a D-Hconnect user, you will need to complete your organization's D-Hconnect account request form, and submit it to the authorized person listed on the form. Once we have received a completed and authorized form, the D-Hconnect support team will set up your account, typically within a week. If you do not know how to access the request form at your organization, please contact us at dhconnect@hitchcock.org for a copy or further instructions.

Is there a charge to use D-Hconnect?

No, D-Hconnect is provided as a free service to providers and health care organizations. There are minimal requirements for computer capability: a manufacturer-supported operating system plus a small, free client software called Citrix Receiver, which can be downloaded. For tablets and mobile devices, search for Citrix Receiver within your device’s application store.

How will I be trained?

D-Hconnect is a read-only view of the eD-H clinical record; it is streamlined and intuitive to navigate. We offer WebEx, or onsite group training presentations. There are help cards available to print or view online. As always, the D-Hconnect support team is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to assist with questions and troubleshooting either at dhconnect@hitchcock.org, or by phone at 603-653-3272. Refer to the Training page for more information.

Who at my practice can get an account?

Each institution or practice determines who can get access to D-Hconnect. Generally, this should mirror the local EMR access that exists within the practice. This may include all providers, nurses, referral coordinators, care coordinators, and scheduling coordinators or those who would need access to the medical record for purposes of treatment, payment, and operations as defined by HIPAA.

Accessing D-Hconnect

Once I have a D-Hconnect account, do I log in at the website?

Access to D-Hconnect uses a secure Citrix Portal. A member of the D-Hconnect Support team will contact you regarding this access when you sign up to participate in D-Hconnect.

Is it secure?

Yes. D-Hconnect will encrypt all data communication between your computer and our server. There will be no patient data stored in your web browser's cache, and our servers are maintained behind a firewall in a secure data center.

Can I use a Mac?

Yes. Citrix Receiver is available for MacOS.

Can I use a smartphone? An iPad or other tablet?

Yes, Citrix Receiver is available for iOS and Android devices including Chromebooks. This application may be downloaded from the device's app store. Output is optimized for viewing on a larger screen, so a cell phone will require zooming in and out.

Can I get access to a patient who shows up in my ED?

Unless a patient is opted out of electronic records sharing, you can access their D-H medical record, including current information within D-Hconnect and historical information in Legacy systems. If you are unable to access a patient's records electronically, relevant information can be faxed to you by calling 603-650-5000 and asking for Release of Information, which is staffed 24/7.

What are Legacy Systems?

You will see some patients have records in legacy systems, EMRs we used prior to migrating to Epic (eD-H).

Legacy CIS is a read-only view of our previous EMR. We replaced CIS with eD-H on April 2, 2011. D‑Hconnect contains problem lists, medications, operative histories and other discrete clinical data migrated from CIS, and all documentation of care provided on or after our go-live date is stored there as well. Prior office notes and other reports will remain in Legacy CIS, accessible through the Legacy Records link within D‑Hconnect.

Legacy Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics Concord and Legacy Cheshire Medical Center records are also available as static PDF reports.

I've never used CIS, does this require different training?

CIS does require different training. However, it is a much simpler EMR to use, and you may find training to be unnecessary. If you do require training, contact the D-Hconnect Support team to set up an appointment.

Can I view images?

Yes. You will have access to radiology images in our PACS system, as well as scanned documents and uploaded photographs in the patient chart.

Can I enter a referral?

Providers can enter referral orders in D-Hconnect to request labs and appointments for specialty care. Other staff at your practice will have access to the referral module to request appointments and check the status of referrals in process.

I forgot my password or the system doesn't recognize my password

If you attempt to login 5 times within 10 minutes unsuccessfully, the system will lock your account. Your account will automatically be unlocked 10 minutes from the last bad attempt. If you do not remember your password, call DHconnect Support at 603-653-3272 for assistance.

Who do I call if I have other problems?

You can call D-Hconnect Support team at 603-653-3272, or email DHconnect@hitchcock.org.


Can I update my communication preference?

You can receive communications by In Basket, fax, or postal mail. To change your preference, call the D-Hconnect support team at 603-653-3272 or email DHconnect@hitchcock.org.

To protect personal health information (PHI), D-Hconnect utilizes secure messaging. If you sign up for email, you will receive an email notification that you have a message in your D-Hconnect In Basket. Logging into D-Hconnect is the only way to access your In Basket.

Can I have someone else at my practice check my In Basket?

You can designate another user to access and manage your inbox. This user will need their own D-Hconnect account. Learn more about In Baskets below.

How timely will the data I'll have access to be?

All clinical data is available in real time. You will need to log into D-Hconnect to view the data.

Do I use both D-Hconnect and the Connection Center?

You can use either service to manage the care of your patients. Feel free to call the D-Hconnect support team at 603-653-3272 or email DHconnect@hitchcock.org for consultation on how best to utilize these tools.

In Basket messages

Here you will find an explanation of the purpose of the In Basket message, answers to related questions, and links to the login page and other helpful D-Hconnect resources.


In Basket is the secure messaging system that is a part of both eD-H and D-Hconnect. eD-H is the electronic medical record system implemented by Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) and Clinics; the system includes a web-based portal for referring physicians and their staff called D-Hconnect.

The In Basket is accessed by logging in to D-Hconnect and clicking on the In Basket icon near the top of the screen.

If an In Basket message has not been read after 4 days, the system sends an email message to the address on file for the recipient.

Where can I learn more about D-Hconnect?

This website contains a good overview of D-Hconnect. You also have access to D-Hconnect training when you log in to the D-Hconnect Citrix portal at dhapps.hitchcock.org.

DHConnect practice and training icon

How can I learn to use the D-Hconnect In Basket?

Review the Tips and Tricks Documents within the D-Hconnect Practice and Training site, which you access by logging in to the D-Hconnect Citrix portal at dhapps.hitchcock.org.

What makes the In Basket system "secure"?

Unlike standard email, which could travel between different computer systems over the internet in an unencrypted form, In Basket messages all stay within the eD-H systems hosted at DHMC and Clinics. That system is in a secure data center. Users access their In Basket through the eD-H or D-Hconnect with client software, which uses encrypted communication and never leaves any data on your local computer.

What kind of information will I be receiving in my In Basket?

There are several types of In Basket messages that could be sent to you. A common example would be a letter or forwarded encounter report from a specialist at DHMC and Clinics who has seen one of your patients. You might also receive "Staff Messages" which are similar in form to traditional email messages. Some messages are automatically generated by the system, such as result messages for labs you might have ordered.

Can I send In Basket messages?

Yes, you can reply to messages you receive and you can compose staff messages to DHMC and Clinics providers or other D-Hconnect users. If you haven't corresponded with a specific provider via In Basket in the past, don't rely solely on an In Basket message for critical communication - use the phone to confirm that they monitor their In Basket and get the message.

Can I have my assistant check for these messages?

Yes. Your assistant would log in to their own D-Hconnect account to do that. First, you must log in to D-Hconnect and grant permission to your assistant to "attach" to your In Basket. Your assistant can then make that attachment and view (and act upon) messages sent to you. Download an instruction sheet (PDF).

Can I request to have information faxed or mailed to me instead of sent to my In Basket?

Yes, we can change your communication preference to fax (or U.S. Mail). Please note, however, that as long as you have a D-Hconnect In Basket, it will be visible to other users and some messages will still arrive there. So it is important to check your In Basket regularly (or delegate someone in your office to check your In Basket, see How to Attach an In Basket (PDF).

I've asked to have all information faxed to me, but I'm still getting messages sent to my In Basket?

If you have an In Basket, it is visible to other eD-H and D-Hconnect users. Most of the routine clinical correspondence you get will be sent via your preferred method (fax or mail) but there is no way to prevent other users from sending you an In Basket message.

Event notification messages can be filtered or turned off at your discretion. See Event Monitoring in D-Hconnect (PDF) for details.

Is there a way to ensure that no information is sent to my In Basket?

The only way to guarantee that is to request the no In Basket template. Patient Event Notifications included with In Basket would cease altogether. It is possible to configure or turn off Event Notification to receive notifications of fewer events or to filter by patient relationship without removing the In Basket.

I will be checking my In Basket on a regular basis, but not every day. Can I stop the reminder email messages from coming?

Yes, You can turn off email reminders or change the minimum interval between reminder email messages (the default is 4 days). After launching D-Hconnect, click on the Utils action button, then click User Demographics.

My Nurse/MA/Secretary has a D-Hconnect account. Do they have In Baskets?

Yes, most D-Hconnect staff accounts have an In Basket, a useful tool for communicating with their counterparts at DHMC and Clinics. Users who are not doctors or associate providers (users who would never be named as a PCP or referring provider) will not be sent the kinds of clinical information that providers receive in those roles, as their names are not "published" in association with a patient.

I work in a clinic and I attach to the In Baskets of several of the providers here and I get reminder email messages for all of them. Is there a way to tell from the message which provider has unread messages?

It is not possible to tell from the email message itself which provider has the message(s) waiting. However, as soon as you log in to D-Hconnect and access your attached In Baskets, you will see the providers with unread messages emphasized with bold font. You will need to look at only the highlighted In Baskets for the new messages.