Multiple Sclerosis Center Research and Clinical Trials

The Brain Imaging Lab and Multiple Sclerosis Center have been collaborating for many years on MRI studies to learn more about MS.

We very much encourage MS patients to contact us in order to take part in these studies. We do not use contrast (gadolinium) in any of our imaging. No medications are used. All of our studies provide moderate reimbursement to help ensure that participation comes at no cost to you. Our schedule is very flexible; we are able to work with you to find a convenient time for you to complete the study.

For more information about the research studies below or if you would like to participate, please contact:

Studies that are actively recruiting

Study of Cognition

We are currently enrolling participants in a study to compare computerized and standardized cognitive testing in healthy adults as well as people with multiple sclerosis (MS). As a participant, you will complete assessments of your memory and attention. You will also provide demographic, medical, and other background information by completing questionnaires. The study visit will take place at DHMC and last approximately 3 hours. You are currently eligible to participate if you have MS or are a healthy adult aged 18-65. You are not eligible if you have other major neurological or psychiatric disorders or you have completed cognitive testing within the past 12 months. Other exclusions may apply. Modest financial compensation will be provided.