Get Started

There are several steps you will need to follow before having surgery at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Orthopaedics / GE Center of Excellence at New London Hospital.

Meet your patient navigator

Robin Hemmingway

Robin Hemingway is your patient navigator for the program. Let her help you get started with the GE Ortho Center of Excellence at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center / New London Hospital.

Step 1: Contact your health coach

Reach your Health Coach from GE at 866-272-6007. The Health Coach will schedule your initial 3-way call with the patient navigator at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center if you are eligible for the program.

Step 2: Learn more about the program

Participate in the 3-way call to learn more about the program and plan next steps. You, your patient navigator and your primary care physician will work together to coordinate all pre-surgical requirements, including any travel.

To contact your patient navigator directly, reach out at 603-526-5144 or email:

Step 3: Complete and submit registration forms

You will receive a Patient Experience Packet along with your personalized itinerary via email and FedEx within 24 to 48 hours after your initial 3-way call. Complete the required registration forms and assessments. Send all forms, records, and imaging to the patient navigator. If needed, use this form for authorizing medical records (PDF) to be sent to New London Hospital.

Step 4: Get risk assessment

See your local primary care physician for a preoperative risk assessment. Take this COE Patient Assessment Form (PDF) to your primary care doctor's appointment.

Step 5: Travel to New London

Working with your patient navigator, you will travel to New London Hospital, meet your care team and receive your individualized care. Your patient navigator will assist you in coordinating your travel and lodging needs.

Step 6: Plan follow-up care

Your Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center / New London Hospital team will plan your follow-up care and maintain contact with you throughout your recovery. Visit your primary care physician and other providers as outlined by your Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center care team.

Step 7: Get travel reimbursement

For patients eligible for the travel benefit, be sure to ask for and keep all detailed receipts. Your Health Coach from GE will email the travel and lodging reimbursement form to you directly.

Forms you will need to fill out