About the Patient Safety Training Center


Dwayna Covey, MEd
Vice President, Center for Learning & Professional Development
Title IX Officer for Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Matthew Charnetski, MSMS, NRP, CHSOS, CHSE
Peter Thurber, MPH, MEd, ATC
Manager of Operations
Davis McGraw, BA
Administrative Assistant
Brian Sidler
Program Coordinator
Katherine Steck
Data Analyst
Heidi Estrada
Unit Support Assistant
Luanne Masterson
Senior Secretary - Life Support Program
Ruth Cole, NPD-BC
Nurse Educator
Lisa Puccio, MSN, RN, CNOR
Nurse Educator
Mark Cookson, CHSOS
Senior Simulation Technician
Alan Gosselin, CHSOS
Senior Simulation Technician
Christopher Jones
Senior Simulation Technician
Jesse Brayton
Simulation Technician
Daniel Robinson
Simulation Technology Technician
Colin Treem, BS, EMT-B
Manager, Life Support Program