New Study Submission

The Clinical Trials Office (CTO) will be responsible for the business management of any research studies designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of medical care that require IRB review ("Clinical Research").

CTO responsibilities for projects meeting the CTO definition include:

  • Registry into CTMS
  • Evaluation for billable items and services
  • Medicare coverage analysis
  • Budget development and negotiation (if applicable)
  • Review patient care services
  • Contract development and negotiation (if applicable)

Study intake form

This form must be submitted to the Clinical Trials Office along with the study protocol (in draft or final form). If you have additional documents related to the study, please include those as well.

Submit a new study

Note: You must be connected to the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Clinics network to access this link. To connect to the network from a remote location, visit Secure Access.

Regulatory binders

Each investigator conducting a clinical trial must keep a binder(s) containing all study-related documentation pertaining to the trial. The annotated CTO binder tabs help organize this documentation.

Regulatory tabs, for non-industry sponsored trials, will be provided to the research teams upon study activation.

Request regulatory tabs