Project Design and Support

The Academic Support Hub (ASH) provides support for a wide range of projects, from clinicians exploring their first clinical research questions to more-experienced early career clinician investigators submitting career development or research grant applications. Below are ways ASH supports projects.

Clarify aims

ASH supports researchers in refining the aims of their research ideas into manageable and feasible projects. This process includes ensuring that research aims can be conducted effectively to measure the desired outcomes.

Project design

ASH assists researchers in designing their projects in a manner that will address the research question, yield quality outcomes, and be feasible to implement. Support can vary from small changes to an existing project, full scale project design support for larger grants, and everything in between.

Project management

ASH project managers have a diverse array of knowledge and experience in implementation science. Project managers help define and execute clinician researchers’ projects in the most effective way possible by, for example, managing timelines and resources, organizing data collection, and coordinating the various components of an implementation research project.

Support tracking progress towards milestones

Researchers will set milestones to track project progress, with guidance from ASH mentors, to ensure project objectives are met and potential barriers are mitigated.

Research database management

In addition to support in analyzing and collecting data, ASH also assists in the management of data. This includes determining the best data collection tools based on the needs of the project, generating workflows for data collection and management, navigating database management tools.

Data assistance

ASH assists in the collection of data and assists scholars in learning how to analyze their data and collect meaningful data in future projects. Support includes interpreting data being collected, determining the best ways to utilize the data collected, and the ways in which this may be helpful in future projects or funding opportunities.

Grant planning

ASH provides key oversight and expertise in grant planning, including building project budgets and timelines for all manner of projects based on collective years of experience on a variety project teams. ASH supports in assessing the logistical and operational needs for a project — whether it is a pilot, quality improvement initiative, or more comprehensive grant funded program.

Institutional review board support

ASH provides hands on support in all components of the IRB approval process, including developing and editing study protocols and consent forms and navigating and following up for IRB submission.