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Dementia or Depression? Many Older Adults Live with Both, but They Aren’t Normal Parts of Aging

Knowing the difference, getting appropriate medical screenings are key, Dartmouth-Hitchcock mental health professional says

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Women sitting in chair holding her hip.

D-H Physician Works to Improve Bone Health in Rapidly Aging Population

Ugis Gruntmanis, MD, a physician in the Endocrinology Section of the Dept. of Medicine at D-H has secured grant funding to improve post-fracture care of patients with osteoporosis.

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Heads Up: Coping through COVID-19

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Wraps Up its “Heads Up: Coping through COVID-19” Virtual Roundtable Series With Focus on Seniors

The segment, “The Silver Lining: What’s Next For Seniors,” focuses on senior citizens as they and their loved ones receive the COVID-19 vaccine and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and states loosen COVID restrictions.

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Heads Up: Coping through COVID-19: Safeguarding our Seniors

“Heads Up: Coping through COVID-19” webinar series provides strategies and tips for juggling responsibilities and maintaining health and wellness during this challenging time. This webinar focuses on keeping our seniors safe.

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