DHMC Upgrade: Patient Pavilion

Outside view of DHMC Patient Pavilion

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center’s Patient Pavilion chosen among competitors nationally for Green Building Showcase

The annual awards program is a snapshot of the leading edge in green building practices around the country.

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A TUG robot is seen traveling a hospital hallway with two people walking on either side of the robot.

Robots deployed at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center will provide faster, safer delivery of medications to patients

Staff at DHMC have some high-tech helpers joining them this summer, and patients and visitors may see them traveling the hospital’s hallways.

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Patient Pavilion Patient Family Lounge, Level 4

Expanding our ability to meet the needs of northern New England's most seriously ill patients

The 240,000-square-foot expansion adds 64 patient beds, increasing Dartmouth Health's ability to care for the region's most seriously ill patients.

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DHMC Patient Pavilion Ribbon Cutting

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center celebrates the opening of its new Patient Pavilion, a project started in 2020

It is the first expansion of DHMC's inpatient facilities since the medical center opened in 1991. The first patients are expected to be admitted to the Pavilion on Monday, May 2.

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Patient in a bed in the new DHMC Patient Pavilion

New resources for patients and loved ones in the new DHMC Patient Pavilion

The new Patient Pavilion in DHMC elevates, extends and enhances Dartmouth Health’s commitment to patient- and family-centered care.

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Artists photo feature wall

Artwork in the new DHMC Patient Pavilion enhances the healing environment

The opening of the new DHMC Patient Pavilion in May 2023 continues that leadership in tapping into the healing power of art.

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New Discharge Lounge at DHMC

Expanded discharge lounge to open in new Patient Pavilion, increasing access

The large, bright and airy space will accommodate up to 15 patients, tripling the capacity of the current Discharge Lounge.

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Richard Saunders, MD, and Michelle Graham, RN

With new MSCU, DHMC will deliver critically needed stepdown care

When Dartmouth Health's new Patient Pavilion in Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center opens in May 2023, it will add an entirely new—and much-needed—department: the Medical Specialty Care Unit (MSCU).

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Image of construction at Patient Pavilion

Dartmouth Health expanding Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center’s Heart & Vascular Center

New Patient Pavilion opening in May 2023

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DHMC Upgrade Patient Pavilion

Responding to the region's growing need for heart and vascular care

Cardiac care in this region will get a boost with the opening of Dartmouth Health's new DHMC Patient Pavilion in May 2023.

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