DHMC Upgrade: Patient Pavilion

Patient in a bed in the new DHMC Patient Pavilion

New resources for patients and loved ones in the new DHMC Patient Pavilion

The new Patient Pavilion in DHMC elevates, extends and enhances Dartmouth Health’s commitment to patient- and family-centered care.

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Artists photo feature wall

Artwork in the new DHMC Patient Pavilion enhances the healing environment

The opening of the new DHMC Patient Pavilion in May 2023 continues that leadership in tapping into the healing power of art.

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New Discharge Lounge at DHMC

Expanded discharge lounge to open in new Patient Pavilion, increasing access

The large, bright and airy space will accommodate up to 15 patients, tripling the capacity of the current Discharge Lounge.

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Richard Saunders, MD, and Michelle Graham, RN

With new MSCU, DHMC will deliver critically needed stepdown care

When Dartmouth Health's new Patient Pavilion in Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center opens in May 2023, it will add an entirely new—and much-needed—department: the Medical Specialty Care Unit (MSCU).

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Image of construction at Patient Pavilion

Dartmouth Health expanding Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center’s Heart & Vascular Center

New Patient Pavilion opening in May 2023

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DHMC Upgrade Patient Pavilion

Responding to the region's growing need for heart and vascular care

Cardiac care in this region will get a boost with the opening of Dartmouth Health's new DHMC Patient Pavilion in May 2023.

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Patient Pavilion under construction

State-of-the-art Patient Pavilion to bring new space to many patients and employees

The spring 2023 opening will set in motion a series of exciting moves, renovations and cutting-edge technology enhancements that will benefit patients and employees.

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Patient Pavilion exterior image

D-H Upgrade: Level 1 of the Patient Pavilion

When Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center’s (DHMC’s) Patient Pavilion opens in 2023, it will usher in the next phase in the evolution of patient- and family-centered care.

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Patient Pavilion final beam installation

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Marks Construction Milestone for the New Patient Pavilion

On Friday, June 18, 2021, D-HH achieved a significant milestone in the construction of the 212,000-square-foot, five-story Patient Pavilion at DHMC when one of the final beams in the building’s steel structure was installed.

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