Image of hands holding a heart-shaped bowl filled with fruits and vegetables. Underneath is a stethoscope and glucose monitoring device.

Type 2 diabetics have unique heart health concerns. Learn how to keep your heart healthy with information from a Dartmouth Health cardiologist

Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are both incredibly common in the United States—and there is overlap between the two.

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picture of glucose monitor and stethoscope

Staying heart healthy with type 2 diabetes

By managing type 2 diabetes, patients can improve their heart health and enjoy better overall health.

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Members of the team that won the award

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center honored for developing nursing skills to improve care for diabetes patients

Microlearning app from Qstream used to reinforce best practices for insulin administration

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Generic image of paperwork with eyeglasses and hypodermic needle

New Research Offers Hope of a Healthier for Type 2 Diabetics

Study currently accepting participants

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