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Transplantation Surgery

Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) is home to New Hampshire's only transplant center, offering kidney transplant services to children and adults. Your D-H transplant team has decades of advanced transplant experience and a long history of successful transplantation. Learn about a typical D-H transplant patient experience.

We are here to help you, before and after surgery, at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Caring for transplant recipients and donors

The D-H Transplantation Surgery team is here to support you through the entire transplant process.

Are you considering a kidney transplant?

Anyone who has kidney failure may be eligible for a transplant, except those with certain serious medical conditions. Your provider can help you decide if kidney transplant surgery is a good fit for you.

Start by reading about our typical kidney transplant patient experience, then read about transplant tests we use, how we perform kidney transplant surgery, and what to expect after a kidney transplant. When you are ready, learn how to make an appointment.

Judith and David Becker

David's Kidney and Me

How a sophisticated new treatment at Dartmouth-Hitchcock enabled southern NH resident Judith Becker to receive an "incompatible" kidney from her son, and "get her life back."

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Be a living donor

Every year, our team cares for many patients who donate their kidneys to loved ones. If you are considering donating a kidney, learn how living kidney donation works at D-H.

New Patient Education Class and Evaluation Session

Upon referral to D-H Transplantation Surgery, your first step is to attend one of our Education Class and Evaluation Sessions, where you will learn about the transplantation process, and receive a medical evaluation from our care team.

Education Class and Evaluation Session details

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