Geriatric Center of Excellence

Chizuko Horiuchi teaches a class at the Aging Resource Center
Our centers provide older adults and their caregivers with access to education, support, and resources for a variety of aging-related concerns.

The Geriatric Center of Excellence (formerly the Centers for Health and Aging) includes three distinct centers that focus on different aspects of geriatric care. Our centers include:

  • The Aging Resource Center. Our Aging Resource Center focuses on improving the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of older adults and their caregivers through education and support. We offer a wide range of free classes and programs on topics such as advanced care planning, physical fitness, healthy aging, technology, dementia education and caregiving, dementia engagement, spiritual care and the arts. We also offer support groups for caregivers and older adults who are living with dementia or other health conditions, as well as support groups for people who are coping with the death of a loved one.
  • The Northern New England Geriatric Education Center. Our Geriatric Education Center provides geriatric care training for healthcare professionals and caregivers. Using grant funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Geriatric Education Center has implemented a workforce enhancement program that provides training to primary care practice staff on assessing older patients for memory issues, fall risk, medication compliance, mental health problems, access to resources and other aging-related concerns.
  • The Center for Research. With approximately $7 million in grant funding, our Center for Aging Research focuses on implementing research findings that will improve the quality of life and health of older adults. Current initiatives include a program funded by the National Institute on Aging to improve physical functioning and well-being in older adults, as well as a program to reduce emergency department usage and hospitalizations of older adults who live in nursing facilities.

Our goals

  • Provide older adults and their caregivers with access to education, support, and resources for a variety of aging-related concerns.
  • Improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of New England’s growing population of older adults.
  • Provide specialized training that enables healthcare professionals and caregivers to deliver high-quality, evidence-based geriatric care.
  • Conduct and implement research that will improve the quality of life of older adults while advancing the field of geriatric medicine.

For more information about Dartmouth Health’s commitment to delivering world-class, person-centered care to older adults, please visit the Geriatric Center of Excellence website.