Patient Support Corps

Medical visits can be overwhelming. Our Patient Support Corps (PSC) volunteers* at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center can help you feel more prepared for medical visits so you can focus on what is most important.

PSC provides valuable experience for students interested in a healthcare career and our community volunteers looking for new and meaningful ways to interact with patients.

*Please note that PSC volunteers are trained in and follow the same patient confidentiality and privacy policies as all Dartmouth Health employees.


We provide the following services, free of charge:

  • Question list preparation: To help you and your provider be more prepared for your visit, a PSC volunteer will work with you to come up with a list of your questions and concerns. The day before your appointment the question list will be sent to your provider for them to review. You can also bring a copy to your visit so that you remember to ask all of your questions.
  • Appointment support and note-taking: To help you remember the details of your visit, a PSC volunteer will accompany you, take notes and take an audio recording (with your provider’s permission). Your volunteer will provide you with a summary of the notes after your visit.

How to reach us

If you would like a Patient Support Corps volunteer to assist you with an upcoming appointment, please email or call 603-653-3517.

What our patients are saying

"This service helped me be more at ease. I felt heard. The ability to express my questions helped me feel in control of my choices."

"This is an excellent program. It was most helpful and added a level of comfort that reduced anxiety going into the appointment."

"It was greatly appreciated to have [the volunteer] there taking notes as my husband and I don't always hear things the same way. Between [the volunteer's] notes and the doctor's thoroughness a much clearer understanding has been gained... Thank you for this SUPER service!"

What our providers are saying

“Patient Support Corps is a total win-win for students and for patients so I love the program. To me it makes so much sense, I can’t understand why everyone isn’t doing it. I think it is a pretty cost-effective way to improve healthcare.”

“This is an important service for our patients. thank you for supporting it.”

“Thanks for the work that you provide. I greatly appreciate services provided for patients.”


If you are interested in volunteering for the PSC program, please email the PSC Volunteer Coordinator at or call 603-653-3517.

Support the Patient Support Corps

You can help the Patient Support Corps continue its important work by making a gift to the Professor Rob Oden, Jr, Fund.