Postgraduate Advanced Practice Provider Fellowship Programs Mission

Postgraduate students in intubation class room

The mission of the Dartmouth Health Advanced Practice Provider (APP) fellowship programs is to provide postgraduate didactic and clinical education to APPs as they transition to practice. The Dartmouth Health APP fellowship program empowers APPs to establish a safe, reliable, high-quality clinical practice that values diversity and is patient- and family-focused. Postgraduate APP education at Dartmouth Health promotes mission-aligned, engaged APP practice that positively impacts the health system, patients and families and the community. Our mission is to guide, grow and enable Dartmouth Health APPs in the following ways:


  • Prepare clinically outstanding APPs to advance health in the specialty of their choice      
  • Ensure continuous improvement through timely and relevant evaluation of the APP fellow, program leadership, curriculum and faculty
  • Commit to the ongoing professional development and education of our workforce, including faculty and leadership development
  • Foster a culture of lifelong learning 


  • Serve as a model for future programs, both at Dartmouth Health and throughout the United States
  • Provide a supportive structure for new and developing fellowship/residency programs that enables them to achieve national accreditation
  • Utilize resources across Dartmouth Health to enhance the learner experience 


  • Align educational and workforce initiatives of the APP postgraduate fellowships/residencies around the current and anticipated needs of our learners, patients, employees, the community and Dartmouth Health
  • Encourage a positive “joy in work” culture that is learner, patient- and family-focused and embraces quality, safety, collaboration, diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, meaningful work and work/life balance  
  • Inspire APPs to recognize Dartmouth Health as a system that promotes APP excellence and growth