Before Bariatric Surgery

To enroll in the program, you must attend an "Introduction to Bariatric Surgery" session. This group meets monthly at both our Manchester/Concord and Lebanon locations. Once you have attended the introductory session, you can begin the process of registering for the surgery program.

Here are the general steps you will complete before bariatric surgery to help you learn and prepare for the procedure. Each location may have specific steps to complete.

Introductory bariatric surgery session

  • "Introduction to Bariatric Surgery" session: Attend an Introduction to Bariatric Surgery session. You will receive information about insurance guidelines, testing and medical appointments (primary care and psychological evaluations), and your program packet and checklist.

Registration and bariatric educational seminars

  • Register for the Bariatric Surgery Program. You should only register after attending an Introduction to Bariatric Surgery session and confirming that you have insurance coverage. Registration steps vary by location.
  • Educational seminars are required and are online or in-person, depending on which location you are utilizing.

Weight loss and evaluations

  • Weight loss: Your providers will discuss with you the importance of your commitment to making nutritional and lifestyle changes.
  • Evaluations: Attend evaluation meetings with a nurse practitioner, dietitian, and the bariatric surgeon.

Pre-operative class/consultation and surgery date

Before your surgery

The care team will review with you exactly what to expect the day before and the day of surgery. They will talk with you about your diet, prescriptions, supplements or vitamins, and directions to the surgical office. They will also discuss the length of your hospital stay, surgical procedures, and the step-by-step outline of your surgery day.