Concord and Manchester: Steps Before Surgery

To enroll in the program, you must attend an Introduction to Bariatric Surgery session. This group meets monthly at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Manchester. Contact our Manchester location to pre-register.

Next steps

  • Meet with our obesity medicine specialist for a history and physical, discussion on your unique reason you have weight issues, and treatment plan. Lab work and additional tests may be ordered.
  • Attend a minimum of two bariatric surgery informational meetings. At each meeting, a bariatric team member will talk about the surgery options and give you information on what your life will look like before and after bariatric surgery. There are different rotating topics each month during our informational meetings (subject to change without notice).
  • Meet with a psychologist to determine emotional stability and suitability for weight loss surgery.
  • There is an individual weight loss requirement that will be given to you at your visit with our obesity medicine specialist. This is a valuable tool in starting the process of examining your current diet and beginning to make changes toward a more healthy diet in the future.
  • Smoking cessation at least 6 weeks prior to surgery is mandatory.
  • You must be willing to maintain a therapeutic relationship and participate in regular follow up care with the Bariatric Surgery Program team, and take the recommended vitamin and mineral supplements after surgery.