CARPP Provider Q & A Service

Center for Addiction Recovery in Pregnancy & Parenting (CARPP) question and answer line

CARPP providers are available to answer clinicians' questions about the care of pregnant and parenting women with substance use disorders and their newborns and children. This provider-to-provider service offers education and guidance with the goal of increasing the capacity to care for this population in the community.

Providers can contact the CARPP Q&A Line at 603-653-1800 or email

CARPP staff, who include women’s health providers, addiction providers, psychiatrists, pediatricians, and social workers can answer questions about:

  • Best practices in caring for women and infants/children with perinatal substance exposure
  • Dealing with common clinical dilemmas
  • Strategies for engaging women in treatment
  • Management of opioid-exposed pregnancies
  • Management of neonatal abstinence syndrome
  • Management of co-occurring psychiatric disorders
  • Other topics related to the care of pregnant and parenting women with SUD

CARPP providers will aim to respond to questions within 24 hours whenever possible. If you have concerns about an urgent or emergent clinical issue, please continue to access emergency clinical resources such as your nearest emergency room, your local psychiatric crisis line, your local high-risk obstetric consultants, etc.

CARPP case consultations do not create or otherwise establish a provider-patient relationship between the CARPP clinician and any patient whose case is being discussed. Please do not include any Protected Health Information in emailed consult questions.

While CARPP providers may be offering recommendations regarding effective evaluation, care, and treatment options, these represent recommendations only, and the patient’s treating provider will retain sole responsibility for selecting and implementing the plan for evaluation, care, and treatment.