Design Services

We will work with you to identify your unique performance needs and then design evidence-based custom learning solutions that incorporate activities fostering exploration as well as the practice and the application of new skills.

Here are a few examples of what we have to offer:

Learning Design and System goals diagram

Needs analysis

What changes do you want to see as a result of the learning initiative you plan to implement? Our learning experience designers will work with you to define the goal(s) of a learning project by helping to identify the target audience and current performance issues and key indicators. Surveys, focus groups and task analyses may all be part of the process

Live-action video production example image

Live-action video production

We offer full-service video production, from scripting to filming to editing. We have a fully-equipped editing suite, production-level audio recording setup and a secure hosting platform. For those looking to capture their own footage, consider borrowing our Padcaster, an iPad-based video recording setup in a backpack. We will provide guidance on best practice techniques.

Animated video production example image

Animated video production

Using Vyond©, our team crafts custom 2D animations that are both engaging and educational.

Scenario-based, digital learning example image

Scenario-based, digital learning

Our learning experience designers specialize in creating branching-narratives that task the user with solving authentic problems and seeing the outcome of their decisions.

Hybrid learning and curriculum example image

Hybrid learning and curriculum design

We can combine online and place-based classroom methods for content that would benefit from a blended learning approach. We can help evaluate current curricula and suggest improvements and changes in delivery.

Performance support application example image

Performance support applications

When the learning solution needs to be done "in the moment," we can create applications that serve as just-in-time guides to help positively guide decision-making.