Learning Design and Systems

The Dartmouth Health Center for Learning and Professional Development (CLPD) is home to the Learning Design and Systems team. The team develops and supports strategic learning initiatives to further Dartmouth Health operational priorities and strategic goals. Functionally it supports the GME, CME, CNE and Simulation Center operations. The team is comprised of:

  • Learning Experience Designers with instructional design expertise.
  • Learning Systems Analysts who administrate learning platforms, manage learning-specific data, the related analytics and online event marketing and registration.
  • A user support specialist for platforms and electronic and mobile sign-in for Regularly Scheduled Series (Grand Rounds, Journal Clubs, etc.).

The team’s expertise includes learning needs analysis, technology-facilitated curriculum support, performance support applications, video production in support of learning projects, development of digital learning modules, Residency Management System administration and support, learning portal administration and support for CME- and CNE-accredited activities, marketing, and business process development.

The Learning Design and Systems team is a fully-funded function, providing services to advance learning to support improved patient care, employee engagement, and a learning culture. Upon request and review, resources are allocated to support projects across the organization. Assuming there is an identifiable learning need any physician, nurse, or staff member may obtain learning project development resources.

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