Center for Learning and Professional Development

The Center for Learning and Professional Development (CLPD) offers diverse and innovative learning opportunities to enable health care professionals to maintain and improve their knowledge, skills, and behaviors. We serve as a source of lifelong learning to members of healthcare teams who seek educational support in an ever-changing clinical environment in order to achieve enhanced outcomes for patients in their care.

Our mission

We improve patient and learner well-being through the education of healthcare professionals. With a commitment to equity, diversity, quality, safety, and accreditation, we strive for innovation in the application of evidence-based and learner-centric strategies for continuing, interprofessional education and professional development.

Annual report

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CLPD programs are recognized and accredited through a variety of professional organizations including:

  • The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (GME)
  • The American Nurses Credentialing Center (CNE)
  • The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SBER)

We are fortunate to have received accreditation with commendation for CME and at Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital for GME.

Our programs

Our team designs and implements learning opportunities and programs that serve the needs of Dartmouth Health through five primary areas:

  • Continuing Medical Education (CME)
  • Continuing Nursing Education (CNE)
  • Graduate Medical Education (GME)
  • Learning Design and Systems (LDaS)
  • Simulation-Based Education and Research (SBER)

To learn more about our training programs, please visit the following websites:

Continuing Medical and Nursing Education (CME/CNE)

  • Access activity schedules
  • Register for activities
  • Access your transcript
  • View your activity accreditation information

Visit the continuing Education for Professionals website.

Continuing Medical and Nursing Education students in a D-H auditorium

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

  • View GME programs
  • Learn how to apply
  • Access policies and procedures
  • View resident and fellow resources

Visit the GME website.

Group of Fellows

Learning Design and Systems (LDaS)

  • Learn needs analysis
  • Design curriculum
  • Develop video and animation production
  • Learn systems administration

Visit the LDaS website.

Learning Design and System goals diagram

Simulation-Based Education and Research (SBER)

  • Access to hands-on courses
  • Use team training services
  • Connect with SBER faculty

Visit the SBER website.

A student in the Patient Safety Training Center