MOC at Dartmouth-Hitchcock

The American Board of Medical Specialties and participating Member Boards, and the Multi-Specialty Portfolio Approval Program (Portfolio Program) has approved Dartmouth-Hitchcock as a Portfolio Sponsor.

As a Portfolio Sponsor, Dartmouth-Hitchcock is granted authority to approve internal Quality Improvement projects as meeting Portfolio Program Standards and Guidelines, thus allowing participating physicians to submit their project completions for MOC Part IV from their (participating) specialty board.


The primary functions of the D-H Part IV Program are to:

  • Help physicians at D-H document meeting Part IV requirements through their work on QI projects.
  • Help align the QI efforts of D-H physicians with priorities for their clinical settings and departments.


The D-H Part IV MOC Program operates within the Center for Learning and Professional Development.

Program staff:

  • Wendy Murphy, MEd, BSN, RN