MOC Part IV Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify if a QI activity is appropriate for MOC Part IV credit?

Learn what should you consider in deciding whether to apply for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part IV credit to be designated for a quality improvement (QI) project.

How do I request data from the Analytics Institute for my project?

  1. Go to this Analytics Institute's Data Requests page on the intranet.
  2. Click on Enter Your Ticket into DHSM (If using Chrome, you must SIGN IN – top right corner)
  3. Click on Tickets, Create New Ticket, then select Data Reporting, and click on Report or Data Extract
  4. Scroll down to Maintenance of Certification and click on Save (top left) to Submit.
Screen capture of selecting the Maintenance of Certification Data option

How do I request project management help from the Value Institute?

  1. Go to the Value Institute's Request Resources page on the intranet.
  2. Click on Questionnaire. Email to
Screen capture of selecting the Questionnaire option

Please send your questions to