TeleIntensive Care Theater
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With 24/7 ICU patient monitoring, our TeleICU (Intensive Care Unit) enables hospitals to care for critically ill patients locally

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Using high-quality interactive audiovisual technology, our TeleICU program partners board-certified intensivists and critical care nurses with bedside teams to provide real-time care, support, monitoring, clinical consults, and rounding. In addition, our analytics allows the team to monitor trends in patient vital signs and acuity metrics, enabling earlier intervention when problems arise.

  • 24/7 remote patient monitoring by ICU physicians and nurses
  • Two-way audio/video collaboration


  • Reduces ICU length of stay
  • Reduces ICU mortality rates
  • Enables rural hospitals to care for higher acuity patients
  • Reduces transfers
  • Provides 24/7 continuous monitoring by ICU providers and nurses

Local patients, providers, and nurses:

  • Enables immediate intensivist and critical care nurse involvement
  • Provides triage support
  • Provides pulmonary/renal/cardiac expertise
  • Supplies a "second set of eyes" and peer support
  • Incorporates advanced data algorithms to identify and prioritize patient interventions
  • Offers critical care education

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