Anticoagulation Services

Anticoagulation services at the Heart and Vascular Center assist you with ongoing monitoring, blood testing, and dosing instructions when taking warfarin, a blood thinner (also known by the brand names Coumadin® and Jantoven®).

Our specialty nursing teams in the work with your cardiologist to manage your anticoagulation therapy. The effects of warfarin must be monitored carefully with blood testing so that your doses can be adjusted if necessary. Our nurse specialists in our anticoagulation service work together with you, blood labs, and pharmacies to ensure that all blood tests and prescription doses are accurate and timely.

The success of anticoagulation therapy depends on your understanding and involvement. It's important that you attend all scheduled visits and take your medication as prescribed.

You may be prescribed an anticoagulant by your physician, or upon discharge from the hospital, for the following conditions:

For more information about our anticoagulation services, visit the Anticoagulation Clinic website.