Hyperbaric Medicine Research and Publications

In addition to providing treatment for current indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, our team is committed to advancing the field of hyperbaric medicine through research and quality improvement.

Current and recent research

Multicenter registry for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

We were one of the founding members of a registry of hyperbaric oxygen outcomes. Basic outcome data are collected on all patients treated to allow for continuous quality improvement.

The following publication describes the registry:

Use of hyperbaric oxygen for inflammatory bowel disease

We have internationally-known experts in inflammatory bowel disease on the faculty, and this has led to clinical trials evaluating hyperbaric oxygen for ulcerative colitis.

The following publications describe this work:

Use of hyperbaric oxygen as a radiation sensitizer

Tumors respond better to radiation therapy when their oxygen level is high. The hyperbaric program is located near the radiation oncology treatment suite. This means studies can be done where patients receive hyperbaric oxygen immediately prior to radiation to help sensitize their tumor to radiation.

The following studies have been done in this area:

Clinical presentations