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Our OB/GYN providers cover every aspect of women's health care. Our obstetricians, nurse midwives, and nurses are here to support your pregnancy and other needs through every step of your care.

COVID-19 and pregnancy

Our team is here to create a safe and welcoming experience for you and your baby. We understand you have many questions and concerns about exposure to COVID-19 during your pregnancy. We’ve created FAQs and a video to help answer your questions about pregnancy and breast milk. Please reach out to your provider if you have any additional questions or concerns.


We provide your ultrasounds in the safest way possible for you, your baby, and our staff. Due to COVID-19, we allow one adult companion to go with you in the room for your ultrasound. The only other person in the room with you is the expert doing the ultrasound (the sonographer).

Pregnancy and substance use

Moms in Recovery is a program for pregnant and parenting women who struggle with substance use. At Moms in Recovery you will meet other women who are working hard to stop using substances and support each other as parents. You will be able to form close relationships with healthcare professionals who can support you in developing a healthy lifestyle that is rewarding and free from substance use. We offer our services in Bedford, Nashua, and Lebanon, New Hampshire.

Pregnancy, breast milk and COVID-19

The following frequently asked questions address pregnancy, breast milk and COVID-19. If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to your provider.

Ilana Cass, MD, discusses COVID-19 and the impact on pregnancy and the care we provide for you and your baby.