For Insurers and Case Managers

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Dedicated care managers and administrative staff in our Workers' Compensation Center provide logistical and documentation support for an employer's injured and ill workers. Working closely with Occupational Medicine and, as needed, other specialty care providers, our care managers facilitate optimal care for patients and speed resolution of workers' compensation claims.

Our goal is to maintain or restore a worker's function so that he or she can safely stay at work, or can return in a regular or modified position, in a timely fashion.

The Workers' Compensation Center also works with insurers and outside case managers to:

  • Keep them updated on a patient's status
  • Ensure that the care being provided is appropriate
  • Coordinate services, documentation and communication among the employee and their providers, insurer and employer

The Workers' Compensation Center

  • Helps employees connect to appropriate Occupational and Environmental Medicine providers, and other specialists as necessary, to receive care in a timely manner and address all occupational health concerns
  • Facilitates communication between providers, insurance companies and employers regarding appropriate treatment and accommodations, and return to work goals for an injured or ill worker
  • Assists insurance carriers with claims by facilitating appropriate care, maintaining open communication, and ensuring the prompt completion of paperwork