Work Injury and Illness Management

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Our Occupational and Environment Medicine providers are specifically trained and experienced in the evaluation and treatment of illnesses and injuries that occur on the job or in the community environment.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine specialists:

  • Evaluate the impact of an employee’s personal medical conditions on his/her ability to perform particular work tasks.
  • Determine and recommend modifications to support the employee’s safe and productive return to work.
  • Provide expert care and follow-up to ensure a patient’s recovery from a work-related illness or injury and to enable a safe return to work as appropriate.
  • Apply knowledge of relevant federal and state regulations related to occupational and environmental health and specific work-related issues in many industries.
  • Evaluate individuals with conditions or concerns related to community environment exposures.

Together with our case managers in the Workers' Compensation Center, our team of occupational health specialists is experienced and skilled in interacting with everyone from injured workers and families to insurance companies and government agencies. We work collaboratively to provide the best possible care and outcomes for employees.