Services for NH Employers, Employees, and Community Members

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Our Occupational and Environmental Medicine Department offers a wide range of services to meet the work-related illness, injury and health needs of employers and their employees. We also provide evaluation and management of environmental exposures or concerns.

Our expert team of certified occupational health physicians and nurses are trained and certified in the medical and regulatory aspects of work-related fitness and illness—from work capability testing required by the DOT (Department of Transportation) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), to the management of work-related injuries and illnesses, and evaluation of work or community exposure to dangerous toxins or pathogens.

Through a network of clinical locations, we provide convenient access to work-related health and medical services, including:

Exposure assessments and evaluations

Our specialists are trained and knowledgeable in assessments of exposure to occupational and community contaminants.

Our experienced specialists can recognize, evaluate and treat the effects of exposure to a range of potential toxins, including:

  • Blood-borne pathogen exposure (BBPE)
  • Indoor air pollution
  • Chemicals
  • Noise
  • Water pollution

Medical surveillance

We provide risk assessments for potential adverse events in the work environment, such as exposure to biological or chemical hazards or physical or ergonomic stressors.

Our team collaborates with employers and government regulators such as OSHA to review and interpret annual compliance reports and to make recommendations for ongoing medical surveillance and control measures.

Other services

  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Immunizations
  • Management of work-related injuries and illness: Our certified occupational medicine specialists provide expert care and follow up for work-related illnesses and injuries. Dedicated case managers in our Workers’ Compensation Center ensure that care is timely and coordinated among employers, insurers and necessary specialists. Our goal: A safe return to work for employees as soon as possible.
  • Work capability exams: We provide specialized pre-placement and fitness exams, and fitness for duty evaluations, to assess if potential or existing employees can safely be at work and complete required job tasks.