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At Dartmouth-Hitchcock Ophthalmology, we offer comprehensive ophthalmology services that include evaluation of eye disease, medical eye care, and cataract surgery. Primary eye care includes well-eye screening and refraction for glasses and contact lenses. We fit both routine and specialty contact lenses.

We provide services in Lebanon and Keene, NH, as well as in Manchester, NH through our Department of Eye Services.

Common eye conditions and treatments

We treat many common eye conditions using various types of treatments. Please refer to the following topics from the American Academy™ of Ophthalmology website to learn more about these common eye conditions and treatments:

  • Amblyopia (Lazy Eye): When vision in one or both eyes does not develop properly during childhood.
  • Cataracts: A painless, cloudy area in the lens of the eye.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy: A disease of the retina that many people with diabetes develop.
  • Dry Eye: When you develop a problem involving your tears.
  • Floaters and Flashes: Shadows or dark objects that "float" across your field of vision and flashes of light (or sparks) that you may see when you move your head.
  • Glaucoma: Eye disease that damages the optic nerve.
  • Herpetic Keratitis: An inflammation of the cornea.
  • Keratoconus: An eye condition that affects the shape of the cornea.
  • Macular Degeneration: A disease that causes blurring of your central vision.
  • Pterygium (Surfer's Eye): A growth on your eye's conjunctiva.
  • Strabismus: A visual problem in which the eyes are not aligned properly and point in different directions.
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