Functional Restoration Program

Patient and therapist work out in gym

The Functional Restoration Program is for chronic spine and other pain sufferers.

The rehabilitation program:

  • Increases physical functioning
  • Improves pain-coping skills
  • Promotes the return to a productive lifestyle at home or work
  • Limits the need for future spine treatments

Your provider can refer you to the program by calling us.

The Functional Restoration Program is held on Level One in Rehabilitation Medicine at Dartmouth Hitchcock Clinics Heater Road in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

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The 14-day program runs each calendar month. It runs eight hours Monday through Friday for two weeks, and then four days the third week. The first day involves extensive physical, psychological, and goal evaluations. After day one, each day has:

  • Four hours of physical training and integration with your goals
  • Plans for work, play, and daily activities
  • Extensive planning to ensure you can maintain the gains you have made
  • A one-hour lecture about important topics such as anatomy, surgery, pain, drugs, and vocational resources
  • Counseling and instruction in pain management and coping skills