Center for Pain and Spine Treatments and Services

Patient on stationary bike while therapist observes

Our surgeons and pain specialists follow an evidence-based medicine approach. This means they utilize treatments and technologies that have been previously demonstrated to help patients improve their pain and regain their function.

As one of the most highly skilled centers in the country, we recognize the value of specific procedures that can successfully help to treat pain. We provide:

  • Consultations and evaluations for the full range of pain and spine conditions
  • Surgical and non-surgical approaches
  • Complex surgical interventions
  • Revision surgeries
  • Chronic pain management
  • Injections
  • Surgical implants (neurostimulators for challenging pain conditions)
  • Cancer-related pain therapy

Learn more about our services

  • Functional Restoration Program: The Functional Restoration Program is an evidence-based treatment for chronic pain. The program consists of comprehensive care that is built to target all of the factors in your life that increase your pain.
  • McKenzie-based physical therapy: The McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT) is a respected, evidence-based approach to treating spine and extremity pain.
  • Pain management: We focus on combining proven clinical and procedural treatments for both spine pain and pain in other areas of your body. Our commitment is to get you back to a comfortable level of functioning. We offer novel therapies and potential participation in clinical trials.
  • Spine surgery: In some cases, you may require surgery to treat your spine condition. We offer several surgical options to treat spine and back pain.
  • Pain neuroscience education: Empowered Relief is a pain skills workshop created at Stanford that has improved patients' lives across the country. Our certified instructors teach these skills in a one-time, hands-on workshop that is easy to understand. This workshop is for all patients with chronic pain and can be attended by those who are established with a Center for Pain and Spine provider.