Brooke T. McLaughlin, MD MPH

Research interests

My career has integrated interests in medicine, research, and entrepreneurship with a current focus on improving ADHD care in the pediatric outpatient setting and, ultimately, also in the school setting.  As a member of the founding team for two biotech start-up companies, and as a trained pediatrician, I am devoted to the concept of implementing known medical best practices combined with innovative opportunities to deliver novel health interventions where kids are seen most (pediatric clinic and school). 

My fellowship research will utilize implementation science methodologies to study the impact of shared decision-making tools on ADHD diagnosis and management in pediatric primary care. I also hope to study their impact on patient, family and provider knowledge, treatment adherence, and experience of care. My secondary research goal includes studying a “school-enhanced” model of ADHD treatment where children are seen at higher frequencies but kept in their school setting via use of school-based telehealth.

In my free time, I love to ski, bike, run and anything else that gets me outside with my three little kids. I continue to play piano and write music whenever possible.


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