Donna Ron, MD

Research interests

My prior research experience has focused on seleno-protein expression in donor platelets as a marker of platelet quality and function, and the use of gastric ultrasound to quantify gastric residual volumes and compare different pre-procedural fasting protocols for critically ill patients. This last project sparked my interest in the field of perioperative medicine and the ways in which healthcare providers can optimize nutritional status leading to improved postoperative outcomes.

During my fellowship, I plan to focus on perioperative medicine, inter-provider communication and optimization of care for older adults undergoing surgery in order to improve transitions between surgery and primary care. Under the mentorship of Dr. Stacie Deiner I will investigate different opportunities and channels of communication between anesthesia and primary care providers, and the ways in which closed loop communication can aid in preoperative assessment, accessibility of care, and improvement of postoperative outcomes in frail and elderly patients served in primary care. Through the experience gained with this project and others, I hope to develop expertise in clinical research focusing on perioperative medicine and its application to transitions between surgery and primary care, which will be instrumental in pursing my goal of becoming a clinician scholar.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, hiking, and music of most any genre.