Department of Psychiatry Patient Support and Education

Psychiatry patient education

All of us face challenges in our life every day. They come in the form of family obligations and relationships, work-related demands, and living in a complex and changing world.

Sometimes these challenges can create levels of stress that lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, or anger as well as other difficult thoughts and behaviors. If too strong or lasting, these experiences can disrupt our ability to adapt and function as well as we would like. The result can be emotional pain, less effective behavior, and potential damage to family, work, and social relationships.

Psychiatry support

Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is a program designed to help people living with disabilities find meaningful jobs and provides ongoing support for success. We focus on community jobs that anyone can apply for and that pay at least minimum wage. These jobs include part-time and full-time opportunities.

For more information, including associated fees, contact Mallory Pracella at or call 603-727-6068.

Substance Use and Mental Health Initiative (SUMHI)

The Substance Use and Mental Health Initiative (SUMHI) is dedicated to optimizing all care related to substance use and mental health throughout its health care system by continuously improving clinical practice, education, research, and targeted community partnerships.

Please refer to the SUMHI patient education and support page for a list of support groups.

Community health centers and support

Please refer to the following list of community health centers and support groups in the region: