For Health Care Professionals

The Rehabilitation Medicine Department offers resources for continuing education, hosting in-service programs, and sponsoring workshops. We also help develop the next generation of therapists by welcoming students from area colleges at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC).

Professional resources

The following resources provide opportunities to learn more about professional organizations in the field of rehabilitation medicine:

Continuing education

The Rehabilitation Medicine Department has a strong commitment to continuing education.

Weekly education and in-services take place within the department. Topics vary greatly with speakers from both within Dartmouth-Hitchcock and outside of the institution. Area therapists and therapists from Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health member hospitals and clinics are welcome to attend.

Student education

Student experiences are available for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology students as part of their formal education from their accredited educational institution.

The department welcomes 15 to 20 students per year. All students accepted into the program must work with the coordinators of clinical education at their schools or institutions to schedule an educational program. Students are accepted year round. Larger numbers of students take part in the spring and fall. The length of an education program is determined by the student's educational institution. They vary from one to twenty weeks.

Following the assignment to DHMC the student will receive a complete packet outlining general information, student program philosophy and goals, name of their clinical instructor, specific health requirements, expectations during the educational program, housing options, etc. Students will be expected to maintain the same scheduled hours as their clinical instructor. The students' first day at DHMC includes both hospital and department orientation.