Teen getting vaccination

Vaccinating Children 12-15

Paul E. Palumbo, MD, an infectious disease-trained pediatrician at CHaD discusses COVID-19 vaccines and children 12-15 years old.

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Heads Up: Coping through COVID-19

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Wraps Up its “Heads Up: Coping through COVID-19” Virtual Roundtable Series With Focus on Seniors

The segment, “The Silver Lining: What’s Next For Seniors,” focuses on senior citizens as they and their loved ones receive the COVID-19 vaccine and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and states loosen COVID restrictions.

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Photo of arm with band aid.

CHaD Pediatric Infectious Disease Physician Addresses Parents' COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns and Questions

The surest way to protect children from the harmful effects of COVID-19 is to get them vaccinated. It's understandable, though, that many parents have questions. Paul Palumbo, MD, addressed parents' questions and concerns in a recent live video update.

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Project Echo Logo

D-H Project ECHO to Launch Second Phase of Program to Help Support Nursing Home Staff During COVID-19 Pandemic

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) at D-H, in partnership with the JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. and the NH Citizens Health Initiative, have joined a national effort to stop the spread of COVID in nursing care facilities.

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Paul Palumbo, MD

Live COVID-19 Vaccine Video Update with Paul Palumbo, MD - May 13th

Paul Palumbo, MD, pediatric infectious disease physician at CHaD, will be answering questions about the FDA approved use of the Pfizer vaccine for children ages 12-15. Thursday, May 13, at 10:45 am.

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The Cure Podcast

Members of Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s New Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome Program Featured on “The Cure Podcast”

DHMC's "Long-Hauler" Program is First in Northern New England

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Heads Up: Coping through COVID-19

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System CEOs address the importance of routine health care as COVID-19 guidelines loosen

New segment of "Heads Up: Coping through COVID-19”

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Heads Up Virtual physical health screen shot

Achieving Body and Mind Balance during COVID-19

COVID-19 has challenged many people's physical and mental health. Here's some expert advice on ways to bring your body and mind back into balance.

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illustration of a two women on helping the other

COVID-19 and Dementia: Greater Risks, Unique Challenges

Not only are people with dementia more at risk of contracting the virus, cognitive impairment makes following precaution guidelines difficult and frustrating.

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african-american woman sneezing into a tissue

Is it a Cold, Allergies or COVID-19?

There are some differentiating factors that can determine the cause of your symptoms.

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