For Health Care Professionals

Thoracic Surgery provides consultation, education, and support to other physicians in our system and referring providers throughout the region.

  • Our "Update Series" of videoconferences describes the latest research and surgical options in the management and treatment of thoracic conditions. Topics include lung cancer screening, the treatment of early-stage cancers, and surgical options for palliation of advanced cancers.
  • In our eConsults program, we provide specialized advice and consultation by videoconference and email to our primary care clinicians.
  • Working with the Center for Telehealth, we are developing a telehealth thoracic surgical consult clinic at Dartmouth Cancer Center Manchester, with plans to expand to additional locations in St. Johnsbury and Keene.
  • Together with Cardiac Surgery we are creating a network to ensure the best use of region-wide cardiothoracic surgical resources such as surgical staff, clinical space, and operating rooms.


The following links provide a list of publications for members of the Thoracic Surgery team, as shown on the PubMed website.