Weight and Wellness Program Treatments and Services

The Weight and Wellness Program offers comprehensive, evidence-based programs that promote healthy weights, lifestyles, and a reduction of weight-related medical conditions for individuals of all ages.

We offer innovative medical and surgical treatments as a personalized plan to achieve your health and wellness goals. Programs can be offered alone or in combination to create a personalized plan.

Developing your personal care plan

Based on a complete medical and lifestyle consultation, we work with you to create a customized weight and wellness plan, which may include one or more of the following treatment options:

  • Anti-obesity medication: While healthy nutrition and increased movement are key factors to achieving weight loss, weight loss medications in addition to lifestyle changes can lead to greater weight loss. You will be examined to determine if medications would be beneficial. Many patients do not need medications to lose weight.
  • Bariatric surgery: We have a well-established bariatric surgery program with surgeons who are experts in the field. We work with you to determine if this type of surgery is the best approach for you, and to coordinate your care with the appropriate location. We also provide supportive care before and after your surgery. The Bariatric Surgery Program holds free information sessions at each of our locations. Learn more or sign up to attend a free information session.
  • Culinary Medicine Program: This program promotes health and wellness by incorporating research on healthful foods, nutrition, and cooking into the practice of medicine. It offers culinary classes and other. programs to medical staff, patients, and community members.
  • Pediatric Lipid and Weight Management Program: Children and adolescents at the Weight and Wellness Program are seen in the LivNHealthy Clinic of the Pediatric Lipid and Weight Management Program, which is led by pediatric experts in cholesterol and weight management.

How obesity impacts your health

Obesity affects your health in a wide variety of ways from breathing difficulties, to gastrointestinal and metabolic disease, to cardiovascular issues, to your psychiatric health. The following illustration shows many of the ways that obesity affects your health.

Illustration showing how obesity impacts your health