CARPP Obstetric Resources

Prenatal care


  • NNEPQIN Best Practice in Contraceptive Counseling (PDF)
    Evidence-based approaches to counseling about contraception
  • NNEPQIN Caring for Your Baby (PDF)
    Making the most of your time in the hospital
  • Postpartum Care (PDF)
    Guidance for the postpartum care of women with substance use disorders
  • Recommended Readings
    AAP Neonatal Drug Withdrawal - Mark Hudak, Lead author
    This 2012 AAP statement updates information about the clinical presentation of infants exposed to intrauterine drugs and the therapeutic options for treatment of withdrawal and is expanded to include evidence-based approaches to the management of the hospitalized infant who requires weaning from analgesics or sedatives. This statement recommends that non-pharmacologic care should be implemented as first-line treatment for opioid-exposed infants.